Wednesday, October 28, 2009

15 week photos

Here I am 15 weeks later.

Feeling pretty good. My chewing is improving I think. The changes are gradual so it is hard to know. The TMJ joint is still a problem but I have made an appointment with a physiotherapist for 11th November. He specialises in TMJ and sounds very sure he'll be able to fix it for me, probably in just a couple of visits. He says he'll probably do some accupuncture as part of the treatment.
I had an awful headache today. I had hoped they'd all vanish after my surgery but they haven't. I have had hardly any though. I think some, like todays, are migraines. I do feel a bit 'spaced out' during those ones.
These photos make me very glad I've kept the braces on to have the top teeth moved over to the centre. I get the necessary device put on on Nov 12.
By the way, my bite is still feeling GREAT. I really, really appreciate it, too.

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  1. You look great Andrea!! Let us know how it goes with the physiotherapist!