Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Moving teeth sideways

I saw my orthodontist yesterday and he is really pleased with the gaps his spring has opened up in my teeth. He seemed surprised by how much gap there is. So now we have room to move, and he is commencing the dragging the teeth around, pair by pair, eventually getting to the front four (which can all be moved together apparently). Had quite a bit of pain last night but only a little bit today. There is a hard plastic cord between my brackets of my top right back molars, and a spring. The back gap already feels closed when I try to push my fingernail in there. It's amazing how quickly these things can work, even on an old hen like myself! (Well 37 is pretty old compared to the teenagers going in and out of his rooms.)

No word from him on how long it will take but he will see me monthly.

Also no word from him on the more important question: whether the gaps have given him enough room to fully take my top teeth back to centre. But he really did

I didn't ask these things... whatever will be will be now. I'll just wait and see.

I'm longing to get these foul witchy things off my teeth though.

I thanked him for keeping on going with me even though this is going on so much longer than either of us expected. He said he just wanted me to be happy.

By the way, for anyone who is wondering why I've disappeared from the yahoo orthognathic surgery support site, it's because the darn thing won't let me post anymore. Something to do with email addresses not being right... I don't know what has happened but I doubt I'll bother doing anything about it.


  1. I wouldn't bother trying to get back to yahoo it's been invaded with spam I don't think I will be back on there. That's interesting I think he should give a time frame! Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough patience when it comes to waiting I have my surgery in the next 2 weeks and I already want to know when I get my braces off!

  2. Hi Lakita - yes definitely a dose of patience is the best thing you could give yourself right now. Otherwise you will be driven crazy! They have no idea how long your braces will be on until the outcome of the surgery can be seen. Of course I was excactly like you before the surgery but the impatience has been driven out of me! Now I just think that as long as I am happy with it in the long term, what is happening right now will fade into insignificance. Good luck for your surgery.

  3. A hard plastic cord? Yikes!

    I had surgery March 9 for my open bite. Isn't it amazing to be able to close your mouth comfortably?

  4. Yes yes yes. How awful it was to have nowhere to rest my jaw. It has its own home now and it feels good!