Friday, March 26, 2010

The gap moves

Just more orthodontics progress. The gap has been moved forwards bit by bit and there is now one behind my right canine tooth (which is the official gap the ortho created) and one in front of the canine (which he was suprised about).

And as of today my canine is being yanked backwards by a very taut spring into the gap behind it. Pain. So over the next week or two, gap behind will move into gap in front and I will have my sum total of gaps, one big fat one together. Then I will be able to see how far my top midline will move over. So wish me a big gap.

On April 22nd I go back and my front four teeth, the incisors, will start to be dragged all together over into the gap.

Unfortunately although my top midline has not yet moved, the bottom one has done so. It has done it so well that it is now underneath my top one. In other words it too is over to the left and dentally my midlines meet well, i.e. with each other but not with my face. This is not ideal considering the top one's soon going to head east. But I can't be worried about it. The orthodontist is a bit surprised at how easily it's moved, I think, and is now aware of the problem and has at least stopped it moving further.

EVERY DAY I enjoy the way I can bite my front teeth together.

This gap-creating spring I have on has forced my right molars well apart, perhaps by intruding them, I'm not sure but I have no contact at all on that side. So I am still only chewing with half a set of teeth but I'm assured it's temporary.

Jaw joints feel absolutely fantastic, NO PAIN. My novement feels normal but I suspect I've lost 5-10mm of opening width, probably permanently. However, that would just bring me back to a normal person's opening as I could open my mouth particularly wide before surgery.


  1. Hi Mikey, a new post today, sorry it took so long! What's your progress?