Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 week photos

Hey, my face has got even skinnier! And saggier!

It'll be good to get those top teeth moved to the centre. I shudder to think what the rubber band configuration for it will look like! I see the ortho next Tuesday.
But tomorrow I have my jaw-flush procedure. I am really looking forward to a normal healthy jaw joint again. 10 weeks of pain from the damn thing. And to be able to open my mouth more.... mmmmmm, lovely. Wish me luck.
My top teeth are pretty sensitive still, and some of them sore to touch. I couldn't bear to have my braces removed yet, even if it was option. I would need some local anaesthetic! And I still have the patch of numbness on my top right lip, near the centre. It itches at times.
Other than that, all is good. I am definitely happy with the cosmetic changes. Roll on happy chewing days.

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  1. You look great Andrea! I hope that your jaw flushing procedure goes flawlessly!