Tuesday, September 29, 2009

These braces will come off!

I saw my orthodontist today. He wanted to take the braces off "while the going's good", he said! Yes indeed, that is how good my bite is! But no, said my vanity, this 'off' midline at the top needs moving over.

It will take 3 months and involve wearing a funny spring thing instead of a rubber band, which can't be removed. So we decided to wait 6 weeks so I can work on my jaw exercises without any restriction. On November 12 I will have it on, which means the braces will come off mid Feb! Yay! Hopefully my horribly sensitive upper teeth will have calmed down by then.

Also, he said it might not work and the teeth might not move. But I am convinced they will.

I'm a bit sad the braces will have to stay on for the summer/festive season and I will have to go through all those barbeques and general social things with the food-in-braces problem. But it will be worth it in the long run. It will mean I will be in braces for 18 months total - not bad.

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  1. Congratulations Andrea! That's great news! Does it seem like time just flew by for you or what?! You look great!