Monday, September 28, 2009

My noisy joint

Ah, maybe I was too optimistic. The bones of my jaw joint still rub/scrape when I chew or talk or do my exercises. It is quite horrible know ing your bones are scraping together when they shouldn't be. And how do I know.... of course it's right by my ear so I can hear it!

If my disc was in its correct place, it would prevent the rubbing.

And I can only move my lower jaw forward about 1mm - seriously pathetic - which is apparently a classic 'disc is in the way' problem (because the disc displaces forwards and prevents that forwards sliding movement).

Still, my bite is great. I see the surgeon (a back up one, my one is on holiday) again in a week so I guess I will get the verdict then.

I keep swallowing the rubber band I'm wearing on my braces at dinner time!

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