Friday, September 25, 2009

The jaw flushing

I had the arthrocentesis procedure yesterday to shift my left jaw disc back into place. I'm not sure it's worked.

They gave me iv sedation but I do remember at least part of it (not the full 45 min it took though). I specifically remember the surgeon grabbing my upper and lower incisors and pulling my mouth really wide open, and it hurt a lot. I cried. I remember everything at the end and when I came out.

The surgeon said the disc was definitely in the right place when he finished. But now my range of motion is just what it was before and the joint still hurts. I am meant to launch back into my jaw exercises now.

But my bite does seem to be centred, and not just when I lie down. So that is a very good sign - maybe the joint is still unhappy from being so manipulated. I have been given painkillers so I guess some pain is expected.

So, outcome is still pending.

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