Monday, November 30, 2009

Enjoying my new jaws

Yes, I am at last feeling relaxed and happy with this new mouth. The pain in my jaw joint is 99.9% gone. My physio told me to up my dose of nortryptiline and the night pain has disappeared accordingly. My jaw mobility is awesome! Well, in comparison with what it was. I can jut my lower teeth out beyond my uppers, and can open 33mm (and have further to go yet, I know). I can also move my lower jaw out to both sides.

My top teeth haven't moved over to the centre much but then it's only been about 3 weeks since the spring's been in. I've realised that for proper chewing it'll have to happen. I can't slide my lower jaw over to the right with the molars together (ie chew to that side) because the canines bang into each other. They in fact need to slide over each other but can't because they're not positioned correctly in relation to each other. My ortho was talking about this from straight after the surgery and I didn't know why he kept going on about it. Now I am functioning normally again I realise why.

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  1. Hi, Andrea - yes, it sounds like we have similar jaws :) It's really, really frustrating - and I'm very comforted that you're breaking through, finally.

    How did you find out about the displaced disk? Did you go to your surgeon? Also, how did you find your physiotherapist - I looked for ones near to me, but I think I'd like someone who's had experience with TMJ problems. I will call my surgeon and make an appointment for during my school break.

    Your message/ last blog actually brought me to tears, a little! I'm so tired of all of this - thank GOD it might end! :)