Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Had the physio visit today. I went to it in a lot less pain - things have been continuing to improve on that front.

The outcome really surprised me. I came away with antidepressants! Well, a recommendation for my GP to prescribe some. Called amitriptylline - which as an antidepressant is used at about 75-100 mg whereas I will take about 5 mg.

I'll try to explain why but can't remember all the details. He says it is my lateral pteragoid muscle not moving the TMJ disc properly, and at night time it gets worse due to build up of metabolites and that the pill will break that cycle.

What an honest guy... he could have kept charging me $40 a visit for many visits, and that's still an option, but he really thinks this will work.

He did stick a needle in my muscle and I think there was some loosening afterwards.

Orthodontist tomorrow for the bizarre teeth-to-the-side-moving device. Since it has a spring as part of it, I can only imagine that it will take me to even deeper depths of foul food catching.

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