Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will I ever be satisfied?

So what is my new problem.... oh dear... well it's been around since my surgery happened but I haven't really noticed it until now. I can only chew well on one side of my mouth because my molars don't touch on the right side. My orthodontist was worried about this from the start but I didn't care. Now that my mobility has improved so much (I can even incise easily now), I realise that chewing meat and hard stuff is only successful on my left side.

The surgeon told me before the surgery that after the surgery my incisors would meet but my molars wouldn't and the ortho would have to bring them down. When I asked him if he still had to do that he said 'That's happened now'. But now I will have to ask him again if there's anything more he can do. I'm afraid I have been more work for him than he bargained for.

My pain continues to decline and I am working REALLY hard on my exercises. I am forcing my jaw well into the pain threshold and it is yielding results. Coming up to the 3 finger opening.

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