Friday, November 13, 2009

Medication and new spring

I got the new spring in my mouth to pull the teeth over to the side. No big deal. Sore teeth as you can imagine! I'll put in a photo soon. It's hard to see unless I pull my lip to the side.

The crazy bit is that as soon as I got it in my mouth I knew it wouldn't interfere with my jaw exercises. Remember that I delayed having it put in by 6 weeks because I thought that would be the case. I could have had the braces off before Christmas, because it is only meant to be in 3 months. Grrrrr. However he did say it could open up some gaps that would then have to be closed with power chains so I am thinking I could still have more than 3 months to go.

Today I went to a GP to ask for a prescription for the amitryptiline. WELL. I ended up with a registrar and it was AWFUL. She wouldn't prescribe it, didn't believe I have a TMJ problem. I said how come my jaw mobility is so awful. It's the braces, she said. I've noticed braces mean children can't open their mouths properly. I told her that was absolutely WRONG.

I could rant on about her but really have been so wound up it would not be good for me!

I got home and rang my surgeon. He wrote a script straight away.

The $40 I paid the GP would have been better flushed down the toilet.


  1. Andrea...

    I hope things get much better VERY quickly for you. And shame on that woman for telling you such ridiculous things about braces and jaws! I can imagine your frustration.

    I posted a comment about 4 days ago on your blog, and I realize now that it never posted!!! It was quick long, and detailed...No use in crying over spoiled milk.

    Happy Belated Birthday (again)! Have fun with those chickens! :-)

  2. ...I meant to say the message was QUITE long and detailed...not "quick, long and detailed"...Long week. LOL!

  3. Question....Is a registrar like an intern??

  4. Hi, yes I think intern means the same thing. It's a junior doctor but not the most junior.