Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Feeling good

I am still waiting for my physiotherapy appointment next week but it is amazing how much my pain has reduced with time. My body is obviously working hard at fixing itself. My opening hasn't changed much, still at barely 3cm with terrible forwards and right-sided movement. But that is of small concern to me compared to the pain. The noise is disappearing too.

With summer coming on I am really really enjoying eating tomato sandwiches. Only someone who has had an open bite will appreciate what I mean. And I am very much enjoying the way my lips touch at rest.

Sadly two nights ago my husband heard me clenching in my sleep (just 3 clicks though) and I woke up with a terrible headache which lasted all day. Could have been stress induced cos my son has been really sick (chest and ear infection) and our car wasn't working so I couldn't easily get him to a doctor. Fortunately our neighbours babysat and lent me their car, they are so kind. Jack's much better now and the car is fixed.

He is the loveliest boy and such a joy to me. He made me a card for my birthday today that said "I love you so much Mama!"

I have lots of other stuff going on which I am loving. Our 3 Orpington hens are thriving, we have had them 2 weeks and they have almost doubled in size I think! They are SO funny and we love watching them and having them with us.

Also I have started Zumba dancing and yoga. These are fairly expensive hobbies. But they make me feel GREAT and of course are fantastic for the health and fitness. Zumba tonight, can't wait. Remind me NEVER to do another aerobics class. As my dance studio's website says, 'Ditch the workout, join the party!'. I love dancing!!

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  1. Andrea,
    I totally get the sandwich thing! My opening is so small I can't bite into one yet. But the day will come, and I know it will be glorious!

    My OS has me on meds to keep me from clenching at night. Clonazepam. It might be worth asking your OS about.