Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6 week surgeon's visit

Results of visit today:
- my surgeon is still sure my jaw joint will recover, perhaps not until after my braces are off. He says I'm in a very different category to people with chronically displaced joint because this is an acute response to the surgery. He thinks it's a great sign that my bite goes back into place at night.
- tooth pain up top.... go see the dentist, basically! He said that when the nerves come back to the top teeth pain is normal because the nerves are immature and haven't developed their protective sheath yet, so they are oversensitive. But I need to see the dentist just in case.
- midline - yes he agreed it's about 2mm to the side, he said it's a pity and seemed a bit disappointed. I did say straight out 'Is this a mistake' and he agreed. He thought it was possible the orthodontist might be able to fix it.
- I have a set of exercises to do 6 times a day! eek! To get my mouth opening properly (it opens only 15-20 mm) and being able to go side to side and backwards and forwards (it can barely do those movements at all).
- he is very pleased with my lack of numbness.
- he said that the stitch they put in under the nose goes from the nose into a strip of bone behind the nose. They drill a hole into the bone to make the stitch. I thought that was very cool! That is why it feels so tight, he said. "Nice nose," I said, "I like it." He looked pleased.

I have been chewing but let me tell you, it is pathetic! So much for being excited at being able to chew. I really need these exercises. The surgeon is sure they will help my jaw joint too. Yay.

Sorry no energy for photos. Tomorrow, perhaps.


  1. Andrea
    It's wonderful that everything's moving along great for you! Before you know it, this will all be a distant memory.

    The chewing part will come along just fine; just takes time and patience.

    I can't wait to see new pics!

  2. Totally random thought...

    On the subject of childbirth...Isn't it insane that we would go through a wretchedly painful natural childbirth, then do it all AGAIN???!!! LOL.

    The beautiful babies are definitely a reward after such madness!