Sunday, August 2, 2009

Energy UP

Gosh. Did nothing whatsoever yesterday and had a horrible headache all night. Decided that lying around all day was not that helpful after all.

Today I just did normal things. Went for a 40 minute walk with my daughter - no problem! I was only slightly tired. (I had a big rest half way.) Then did weeding and digging etc in the garden in the afternoon. It made me hungry, and then I had a 'normal meal' with the family - fried fish, mashed potato, peas. Mushed it up with my tongue and lots of tartare sauce. I was the only one eating it with a teaspoon.

On Friday I took my daughter to a dancing/music thing that happens at a local church (not that I am a church goer). I missed out the jumping bits! Afterwards I went to get a cup of tea and the man serving the tea said to me "Hi, I'm Jack, what would you like?" Well, I have been going there for four years and he's been there nearly that long too, I see him nearly every week! Crazy.

Then I talked to one of the ladies that takes the classes who knew I was going to have the surgery (her cousin's an orthognathic surgeon). She didn't know I'd had my surgery and looked at me and said "So, what have you been up to recently?" as in normal conversation, she didn't notice I was any difference! Funny how different people see different things. I notice this very much since having children - one person will say 'She is exactly like you' and another will say 'She is the spitting image of your husband'.

I'm not sure that I've mentioned my neck. It was quite sore to touch from day 1 and that is where all my bruising was. I also had a cough from the beginning due to whatever they ram down there during surgery so you can breathe. A loose horrible one. I still have a slight cough. But to cough is so painful! My neck is so tight at the front. I can look side to side fine but to look up - it is all tight and painful and on the right hand side there is a cord/tendon type thing that sticks out and runs from my jaw to my collar bone, it feels hard as iron and won't let my head go up further. I had never even seen this beastie before the surgery. So every day I look up as far as I can and stretch it until it hurts. I am sure it will give in one day.

Better dash. Have to put my son to bed (who also looks just like me or just like Ian depending on the beholder) and order seeds for our summer vegetable garden.

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  1. The story about Jack is quite funny!

    Have you tried heating packs for the neck? Might soothe/loosen things up a bit.

    Funny thing, I've only encountered one close friend and my mother since the surgery. My mother hasn't said much. The close friend didn't really say much either, other than to ask how much pain I was in....Hmmm.

    Strangely, I am sooo nervous about facing my fellow church members, friends and co-workers. I can't explain why...I guess I just don't want people to be weirded out, feeling like they are interacting with a "fake" version of my old self.

    Some days, I feel like I'm starring in one of those dramatic movies where the woman locks her similar looking best friend in the basement, steals her identity and lives her life as the best friend....People notice that the lady looks "different" but they chalk it up to hair color changes, "life", and other things. They can never quite put their finger on it....

    Anyway...Homemade Exfoiliant Recipe:

    2 tablespoons of unflavored yogurt--for moisture and binding

    1/2 tablespoon of corn meal--for scrubbing

    1 teaspoon of honey--for moisture

    a couple of drips of lemon juice--for an astringent

    Mix together and use as needed. I must warn, though, that adding lemon jusice to the yogurt and letting it sit too long (longer than about 20 min.), makes it act weird.

    As with any homemade recipe, you may have to tweak this to your liking. It is SOOO cost effective! I can get a huge tub of yougurt for less thatn $2 (altough no one in the house eats yogurt, so it usually spoils before I can use it all). The rest of the ingredients, I keep in the house, normally.

    Many people do the "scrubbing action", and then let the mixture sit on your face for a bit before rinsing it off. Also, some people add a couple of dabs of olive oil or organic coconut oil for added moisture.

    During our brutal Chicago winters, I rubbed a couple of drops of organic olive oil into my skin on the particulary rough days, after using the homemade cleanser. It was well worth it.

    Reading your post has made me determined to cook some fried tilapia this week. Yum!

    Provided that you would even need/opt for a second surgery, what would be your top reasons?