Monday, August 24, 2009

Six weeks post-op today

No photos tonight, but tomorrow I promise!

Six weeks ago I had been out of surgery for 6 hours or so and was full of promise and hope for a 'perfect' outcome (if a bit groggy with it).

Tomorrow I see my surgeon again for the first time since 2 weeks post-op. I definitely don't feel like it's all 'perfect' but I must appreciate the good things so here goes....

1. I think my headaches, which had plagued me for years, have gone. That's a BIG plus.
2. My open bite is gone. I started chewing today and it is great to have all my teeth touching. A much better system than just two at the back! I am yet to feel a proper bite into food because my movement range is so small I can't get my top and bottom incisors together or my mouth open far, but I will be given exercises for that tomorrow.
3. I think I look better.
4. My lips sit together at rest.
5. My septum is straight (I REALLY didn't care about that but I am looking for positive things!)
6. At night my bite is perfect and, as a result, I'm fairly sure I'm not clenching (I need an arrow back to the 'no headaches' point for that because I think they're related). That also is a very big plus.
7. My healing has gone really well.
8. I had minimal numbness and most of what I did have has gone now. I think there is still some numbness on my nose but I'm not sure. It's still quite tight, presumably because of the stitch they put in to stop my nose going wide and piggish. My nose is a bit different but I like it more than before. The inner part of my top right lip is still a bit numb. I wouldn't care if I remained with this amount of numbness forever, but I know I won't.

But the bad bits....
1. My left jaw joint obviously still has the displaced disc that arose after surgery because my jaw HURTS all night. It's enough to wake me about hourly but not enough to keep me awake. The pain spasms occasionally during the day. Also my bite skews off to the right. Chronic pain is a big negative! So is a badly aligned bite!
2. I have some really sore upper teeth as they get their feeling back. This might be normal, I don't know. I'm terrified one or more will be damaged and I will need root canal(s) and crowns.
3. I am convinced my top midline is off to the side. The surgeon said it only looked like that because of my swelling but that's almost all gone now. I could live with it, but it seems like a bad thing to have got wrong.
4. My speech isn't normal. I think I sound like I have a bit of a speech impedement. Surely that will come right though.

Anyway, I await my surgeon's visit tomorrow. Mainly I want to know why he is so sure my joint problem will resolve itself. I've spent too much time searching for info about it on the internet, to repeatedly read how it is often a chronic problem. One of the reasons I went ahead with the surgery was because my surgeon said with a bite like mine I was very likely to get joint problems as I get older, and I'd read how awful the pain can be. Now I know and I don't want to know!!

Will update tomorrow.

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