Monday, August 3, 2009

Three weeks yesterday

Nice jowl. There is still a lot more swelling on my right side than my left.

Can you see how my top midline, between my two front teeth, seems to be off to my left? However on an x ray it clearly isn't, everything's symmetrical - it's an illusion created by the soft tissue, which will hopefully disappear when the swelling does.

The bite's not much better. However I have done some internet research and found out that what I am waiting for is 'disk recapture'. This is when the disk in my right jaw joint, which is bulging out of its proper home, returns. That is what is thought to be pushing my lower jaw over to the right at the moment.

So now I have the language to give instructions: joint, recapture your disk! Disk, be recaptured!

Two nights ago I woke up to find myself pushing my jaw over into the correct centre position and repeatedly clicking my front teeth together. Fun, such a novelty having not been able to touch them for years! BUT What actually woke me was the pain in my jaw joint - it was very angry with such behaviour and punishing me severely.

This week I am walking my son to school in the mornings but relying on others to deliver him home. I can walk to school fine but get really tired on the way home. It's about 1.5km each way I think. Yesterday I lay down and slept after lunch (while my daughter pulled out every toy she could find) only to be awoken by a man in my house saying 'Andrea!'. My friend's husband had unexpectedly done the picking up. Gave me a surprise! I must start locking the door.

I am generally having good sleeps at night now. All my stitches are gone from what I can see and everything's healed really well. I have energetic times but there is definitely a tiredness and lack of energy still.

Generally I feel pretty good about the whole thing, I just want my bite in the right place and my sneery lip to drop. Oh, and my nose numbness to end. Given that all these things are bound to happen, I am pretty lucky!

This is my daughter. She will be three next month and is coping SO well with me laying around a lot! She often asks me 'Are you better yet?'.


  1. OMG! I am on my way to NZ to get a hold of those adorable cheeks! She's really cute, and she does favor Drew Barrymore.

    I can really relate to the bite issue. Because when mine is open, I can't chew. It's like my jaws are suspended apart by an imaginary car jack. So frustrating.

    The soft tissue thing is so weird and amazing at the same time. I hope it all settles well for you.

    Your children sound like darlings! That's awesome.

    Good Night! And lock your door!

  2. Andrea,

    Thank you fo being so candid in your posts. It helps pre-opers like me prepare for some of the post-op possibilities. As far as your bite goes, I didn't know what you were talking about until I scrolled down and saw the "close up" of your teeth. I really didn't notice it on the picture of your whole face! I think you look great!