Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Six week photos and some good news on the bite

My lips do actually touch. It will better without braces on.

This is probably the best place to see how my midline's over to the side. It would be really nice if the orthodontist could tweak that but I'll try to be philosophical about it if not.

Yellow/brown teeth eh. The mouthwash I was given did it, apparently. I will have to see my dentist after the braces are off to see what can be done.
I might not look 'perfect' but I can definitely live with what I have now!

Last night I slept on my back all night and NO PAIN in the joint. This is great. What's just as good is that my aligned bite, which always appears at night, lasted most of the morning instead of being gone by breakfast. Great. And I've been doing my mouth opening exercises. I'm meant to do them 6 times a day! Too hard! He said 4 would be OK.


  1. Lovely pics!! You have every right to be excited about the results of surgery.

    Your bite is looking fabulous, also. You have one of those really awesome bites like the "models" at the orthodontist's office (I can't think of the name of it off hand--the plastic set of perfectly aligned teeth).

    Has Jack recovered? How's the little one enjoying pre-school?

  2. Happy Birthday to Jack!!! I' glad to hear that he's doing well.

    How do you acknowledge birthdays? Is Jack excited about turning a year older?

    I have more strange questions for you...In NZ does school "start" in the fall? If so, does it go through the summer, also?

    I got this thought from the fact that I was going to say how cool it was that Jack's birthday was right at the beginning of the school year (fall), until it dawned on me that his birthday is at the end of the (NZ) winter going into spring...then I began to wonder how the school years in NZ go.

    It's so funny, whenever I think about you I try to imagine what the weather is like where you are, and what might be happening in NZ. LOL! It's so cool to have a different spin on things.

    I HATE winter. I LOVE fall. So needless to say, I am cringing at the thought of the weather I will be experiencing 3 months from now. I am SERIOUSLY considering moving to a warmer climate when our oldest begins high school.

    My aunt is going to be retiring in 3 years. She will be living in London with her husband, (who is from London). Right now, they live in Texas, which has AWESOME weather. I am considering renting/buying her home from them (don't think hubby will agree with any of these plans...hahaha).

    Enough of my babbling...Take care.