Friday, August 7, 2009

Nerves nerves nerves

My nerves are speaking to me! The nerves I refer to are the ones in the big numb patch on the right hand side of my nose. When I wash my face, or rub that part of it, I get a very strong, warm tingly feeling there that lasts for a minute or so. I quite like it. The first time it happened (about 3 days ago) it was followed by the whole area doing some bizarre spasming - actually twitching and moving so it could be seen! Something is coming to life!

I have full feeling everywhere in my lips except the right half of my top lip. I feel very lucky about that, because I know in the top lip and upper jaw the feeling always comes back.

I rang my surgeon today because the shooting pains in my jaw joint continue. He spent quite a while kindly explaining things - the exact same things he'd said to me last time he saw me (he probably just thought I needed the reassurance of hearing it again). Basically that it's due to everything being in a different position and he's surprised it's not happening on both sides, and that the big pain I felt in the hospital was the disk moving outwards and that's still causing pain etc. I knew all that, but the orthodontist had said to ring him and tell him about this different kind of pain. Anyway he left some anti-inflammatory pills with his receptionist so I went to pick them up. I was meant to take one tonight with my meal but forgot... the pain has actually been much less today! They're really expensive little beasties, those pills, I think, so I don't want to feel like I'm wasting them. (Not that I pay for them, it was all included in the fee.)

More comments today about how different I look, including from a friend who I hadn't mentioned the surgery to.

I've felt great the last couple of days. I planted a plum tree yesterday! The weather has been stunning, great to be outside and hard to believe it's winter. And today I walked my son to and from school (the children biked, I walked). I don't feel particularly tired tonight at all. Running is not good - I had to run after my daughter on her bike - makes the face bounce and increases the pressure.

I feel my speech is still impeded but I'm not sure that others notice it.


  1. Hi Andrea,

    Glad to hear those nerves are waking up!

    Sounds like those joints are really giving you a run for your money! I certainly hope the anti-imflammatories work well.

    As for the bands, I had only left them off for an hour a few times because the pressure on my pre-molars (particularly on the left side) was/is DEATHLY! I'm starting to think there may be some slight nerve damage.

    I have not been brave enough to try out running/jumping of any variety. I'm afraid my face will be jarred apart!

    I must admit I am a bit envious of your gardening skills. Sounds like a lot of work, but with LOVELY rewards... When we walk through my neighborhood, I'm always in awe of the landscape and gardening that has been done on other's houses.

    I'd imagine gardening also give you a nice distraction from focusing on the recovery.

    And yes, my swelling decrease has come to a halt. Hopefully, things will start moving again soon.

  2. P.S. I just saw your comments about the major improvement in my looks....I happened to be reading Dana's blog, and saw your comments there, addressed to me.

    You are certainly on target in saying that my face has improved. I can't really explain in words why I haven't been able to just be "happy" with it. Certain things, like my upper lip and area my nose are so strange to me. I get upset when I look in the mirror. Because I feel like I look weird. (I don't know if it's easier to be "unattractive" or "weird-looking". LOL!)

    I haven't fully come to terms with everything. Maybe in a few weeks, when things begin to settle and I've had sometime to get used to it, I'll be in a better frame of mind about all of this.

    YOU are looking fabulous, by the way!

    Don't get me wrong... I am just as concerned about my post-op functional (teeth/jaws) issues as I am about the superficial stuff. And that's not necessarily a good thing. I think I have been giving myself an ulcer thinking about these things as much as I do. I have been better about not complaining (outwardly) about it. But I must be honest, I still THINK about all this stuff CONSTANTLY.....Patience eludes me at times.

    By the way, we certainly do know each other well enough to have an open, honest dialogue about things. One thing you'll realize about me is that I truly appreciate "real talk", as I call it...Conversation that is raw, level headed, rational and, at times, risky.

    I have a feeling (I'm hoping, at least) that I will look back on this in a couple of months and be embarrased by how wound up I am right now.
    Maybe then, I can be the voice of reason for someone else who is struggling similarly, with the perspective that I've "been there".