Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 10 I think - up and down

Nice chipmunk cheek on the right still.

(I hope that little pouch under my chin is swelling, I think it is)

After 2 1/2 days in powerchains, the bite is definitely better. Teeth touch on both sides at the same time when I close my mouth, this seems like a small miracle to me.

Oh dear, my top right lip has a sneer. It doesn't work properly. Obviously some injury to the motor nerve as well as the sensory nerve. All is expected to pass as the swelling goes down though, thank goodness. But it's pretty neat that my lips touch on the left when I close my teeth together!
Had a bad day. Felt like death after going with my mother to take my 2 year old to her gymnastic class (although grandma went in with her while I slept in the car). Got hot and then cold chills, as has been happening pretty much since the surgery. Bad temperature regulation. Came home, ate (slowly) then slept another 2 hours (or was that go unconscious).
Last night had only paracetamol for pain relief because my clamped-closed jaw joint feels so much better. But, I discovered, not at night. Back to the hard stuff tonight.
I must mention Bepanthen cream. (Not the ointment version). It is SUCH a good healer, my surgeon gave me some for my ravaged lips (which must have been turned inside out during the surgery) have had skin falling off in sheets and now there is healthy pink stuff there instead. I have tried every lip balm known to man and this beats them all.
My online friend Cece who had this surgery 1 day after me near Chicago somewhere has been going for two 20 minute walks a day since day 3. I just read this on her blog. I am nowhere near that point!
Must go to bed (chair, I mean). This is the 2nd time I wrote this, lost it the first time GRRRRR.


  1. Andrea,
    I certainly hope today will be a better day for you, in terms of pain and temperature regulation. I am sincere in my statement, though, that you LOOK wonderful. (I'm jealous! Hahaha).

    As for the 20 minute walks, I definitely can't brag. I didn't make it yesterday; simply didn't have the energy or mental gumption. You are such a good mommy for still being able to take the little ones to extra cirricular activities. My children normally have LOTS of activities (mainly soccer, swimming, culinary arts and such)(too many, I think sometimes). But I have cancelled them until about 6-8 weeks post-op. I just don't have the energy. I love to be very involved, and I can't right now.

    May I ask, what is the active ingredient in the Bepanthen cream?? Maybe we have something similar here in the States. I could certainly use it.

  2. I'm hoping the pharmacist can offer you some sound, effective advice on pain relief and better sleep!

    My pain is on-going too, although I can't even imagine how I would be able to bear it with power chains. Ouch! You are one brave woman...

    Thank you for the lovely compliment on my writing skills. I actually LOVE to write, particulary about "everyday" events that make us who we are, as people. I've thought about writing in a published format for a while, now. FEAR has always stopped me. That, coupled with the fact that I don't really know how to about starting it all....Maybe I need to start doing some research.

    One of the first things that drew me to you (other than having surgery at the same time), is the fact that you write very well. I always enjoy reading about what you've got going on in your life. Then, when you started your blog, I took note that you are a writer by occupation. Sweet!

    It's funny, in a way...I think my confidence in writing is really a DIRECT result of my lack of confidence elsewhere. Writing has always been an outlet for me. It's a way to kind of "hide behind the scenes." I can remember my teachers as far back as second grade raving about my creative writing assignments. They LOVED it! As a child, I always thought I'd grow up to be an author AND a pediatrician (I actually started my college career as a pre-med student).

  3. Oh yeah...I've been meaning to ask you. As a science writer, what are your primary duties?? And does having biology degrees play a role in your recovery process? If so, how??