Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 6 or 7

Is this day 6 or 7? Surgery was last Monday, this is the following Sunday.

I rang the surgeon today because a lump by my right ear, under my cheekbone, was worrying me. He said it sounds like a displaced disk from my tmj joint. Great.

If only my tight band hadn't snapped.

Anyway I see him tomorrow so all will be revealed. I just hate feeling only my canines touching.

Check out my neck bruising.

I want to add more photos but for some reason I can't.

Managed to last all night last night without taking more pain relief halfway through. Slept for 2 hours this afternoon. Had a nasty slip on some cloth on the floor which made me jerk my jaw back somehow. It HURT.

My husband goes back to work tomorrow, but my mother's here to help now. The school term starts tomorrow so not only does Jack have to be taken to school and picked up, but there's after-school activities 3 days a week. I am feeling better though, I think we'll cope.

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    I just read your comments on my blog. Oh, good heavens...YES, I am enjoying my new food options. I, like you, had terrible difficulty eating (drinking) with the super heavy bands. There was no room for anything unless it was completely liquid with NO pulp. GROSS.

    In regards to new looks/new reactions...I believe I read the same journal entry by the airline lady. It was entitled something like "The Life Perks of Having Orthognathic Surgery". What she said was so sad, but SO true. I DO wonder how people will interact with me now. I have not discussed this with anyone else; you are the first.

    It's kind of strange, because I DO look very different. Better??...Welll that's open to opinion. But I think it's a better look for me. In an odd way, I still me, but I'm not. Even with the swelling, it's obvious that I will not look like the old me. It's like I'm trying to "discover" my new personality to go along with my new look. Hopefully, this whole thing will give me the courage and confidence to interact with people and try new things. People often speak the rhetoric of "don't judge a book by it's cover". BULL. It's what people do, whether they mean to or no. And it's sad, because people who don't know a single thing about you will feel they have the right to interact with you however they please, based on how you look (in their opinion). I can't tell you how many times I've been treated with casual disregard or covert annoyance. Almost as if because my looks were less than average, then I didn't deserve to be acknowledged, and heard. So sad. I consider myself to be a very open, honest and geninuely warm person. And I will continue that way. But I know I've done A LOT of unecessary comprimising, because I've walked through life feeling like I didn't deserve more, just because others treated me as if I didn't derserve more.

    Hopefully, this is my "moment". I hope to look forward to an emotionally happeier, more confident, "go for it" life....

    (Sorry for posting such a long comment)...Thanks for listening!