Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 5 post op

I can only sleep with narcotics. Also last night had to have a muscle relaxant cos the pain in my jaw was bad. Mostly at the top left. Very bad, in fact.
I did sleep, however (in a reclining lazyboy chair) then woke up and rang my surgeon straight away. Because only my canine teeth can touch and that's on the right hand side only! Check out the terrible bite in this photo. (see luscious bruising also)
He was very reassuring. He said that because my bands are loose ones now and because there is a lot of swelling in the joint, he would expect my bite to be like this. If only I could shut up my worry-head and just have faith! He has moved my appointment with him from next Friday to this Monday, when he will do an Xray so he can see everything, thank goodness. I suspect I am a needy patient.
I am managing nice food - carrot and coriander soup from the freezer for lunch, yum. Scrambled eggs pureed with milk: not so good. A friend brought more soup for my dinner and I added some poached salmon and broccoli and pureed it all up into the right consistency with water. It was great. Banana smoothie for dessert.
My $60 or so worth of Ensure plus will go unused, I suspect. It's horrible compared to the other things I can make.

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