Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two weeks today

I planted trees, dug and weeded in the garden for many hours in the weekend and generally felt great - but today all I could do is lay in the sun and dozed most of the day! My little girl just kept clicking 'Play' on the DVD.

My friends are being so great and I am not having to get my son to school and back again, he is picked up and delivered. I might do it myself later in the week.

I rang my orthodontist this morning because although I'm seeing the surgeon tomorrow, I was so concerned about the hook digging into my top lip. Also, with droopy hooks, there was nothing left for the surgeon to work on anyway. And the pain of the rubbed mouth was starting to break through the numbness. I went in and he took off the very tight bands, fixed the hook and put some elastics in on the sides instead.

My bite is still well over to one side. At first he said things like "I'm not too concerned... once the swelling goes down these things tend to come right...." And then at the end he said "We might not be able to get your bite right, but at least you'll be able to incise and chew". OHHHHHHHHHHHh. I haven't done all this for 'at least'.

My sleeping is quite light and I am DITCHING the reclining chair tonight and moving into a bed. I'll just use lots of pillows. I am very sick of sleeping in a chair.

I can tell that hunger could get to be a bad problem as I feel better. Making a new soup each day gets to be a drag and there are only so many bowls you can swallow. My appetite is growing. My bands are a bit looser now but I know it will still be about 4 weeks before I can actually chew. I already have lots of recipes lined up for when I can. In the meantime, I cook for my family then sit down to gruel.

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