Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Out of Hospital

Just got home today after 3 nights post-op. I woke up, that's the main thing! It has been better than I expected. I am really delighted about lots of things: the amount of feeling i have in my lips and chin, I have no splint (plastic wafer between teeth), I can breathe through my nose.

These photos are day 3 post op (yesterday) . I haven't got the hang of how to place the photos properly yet! The other photo is of me trying to bite my front teeth together, it was taken the night before I went to the hospital.
My face feels symmetrical (although doesn't look it cos of the swelling) and shorter and my chin is probably a better shape. The open bite is well gone with my front teeth overlapping nicely.
BUT yesterday afternoon one of the rubber bands holding my jaws tightly together broke and the midlines of my teeth are no longer lined up with each other. I am so sad about it! But my surgeon insists it means nothing at this stage, it's just my muscles spasming and moving my jaw around, not being used to my new bite. Quite likely too. I have no choice but to believe him. He took off both the bands last night and put on some looser ones.
My surgeon is delighted with my progress and the nurses also seemed to think I was doing really well. The hospital I stayed at was fanstastic.

I am only having panadol and an anti-inflammatory for pain relief. I had fentanyl (a morphine derivative) until yesterday, it made me sleep lots but I got some horrible hallucinations.

My wonderful husband has been doing a great job with the children but is a bit shocked about how much work it is!

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