Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 6 after surgery

I have been feeling really down today because of the pain in my right jaw joint. It gets very bad at night. It's made worse by the face that my lower jaw falls open when I sleep. I use the 'jaw bra' I was given at the hospital to hold ice, and put it tightly around my head and jaw to hold my jaw closed. Of course then I have the uncomfortable sensation of just my right-hand canines touching. So I let off the tightness slightly to keep the teeth just slightly apart.

I am wondering if the joint has become dislocated. It feels wrong - there is a bony-feeling bump below my cheekbone just in front of my ear, where there should just be a hollow.

One more day to wait until I know for sure whether something like that has happened. But it is hard to keep my spirits up. If it has happened I dread what might happen next: could the surgeon put it into place on the spot and how much would that hurt.... or would I need more surgery.... would it cost more, this has cost so much already.

I am trying to appreciate the good things obvious from the surgery so far: my open bite is gone and the top teeth overlap the bottom ones; the slants of both my top and bottom jaws have gone and they seem to be level, and so does my chin. My airway is good. The surgeon told me he was cutting so much bone out of my top jaw anyway that he removed some bone in there to give me a wider breathing passage (the inferior something bones, he said). So that's got to be good. And he also straightened the septum of my nose (the bit that I'd have a ring through if I was a bull!). Plus my lips close naturally - or nearly, if my jaws weren't held apart by the contact of my canines they would easily close. They're still quite swollen though.

Hard to keep my spirits up. I hope it's temporary.

Also I haven't mentioned the stitch between my eyebrows. The surgeon drilled into the bone there and put a screw in as a non-moving reference point during the surgery. It doesn't hurt. Apparently it won't scar.

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