Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 11 - driving and sleeping

I drove for the first time today - into town to look at a homewares shop with my mother. No problemo! But then I got home, had lunch and slept for nearly 3 hours. And I'm still tired. Phew.

I saw my pharmacist Isaac today and he has a great strategy to fix the pain at night: take 4 hourly paracetamol during the day even though I feel fine without it during the day, and then the tramadol before bed. He thinks that will keep the pain low enough for me to sleep all night.

He said tramadol is basically as strong as morphine but doesn't have its addictive qualities. It doesn't seem that strong to me. I would hate to have very severe pain long-term if that's all modern science can offer! And I also take anti-inflammatories twice a day.

It worries me how long my pain will last - how long can I keep taking these strong drugs for? When will this jaw joint settle down?

Isaac then went on to sell me more than $50 of liquid paracetamol for $25 because he had stock that expires in October. It's still only enough to last for a few days, but I see the surgeon next Tuesday, after which point I'll hopefully be more loosely banded so I can swallow pills again.

I got a great response from the orthognathic surgery support website regarding my overheating/cold shivers - someone's surgeon told her it's normal in the first 2 weeks after surgery and it's to do with the liver getting rid of the anaesthetic or something like that. Good to know it's normal and won't last.

It really is starting to sink in how long it could take me to get over this.

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  1. Andrea,

    I am SOOO going to borrow the idea of pacing the pin meds throughout the day to have an easier time at night. Love it!

    I'm glad to hear that your temperature control issues are considered normal, and that you don't have any added major recovery issues.

    I KEEP forgetting to mention how awesome it is that your daughter's in gymnastics. I took gymnastics as a child. For 5 years, I was an active (and rather gifted) gymnast. It was one thing that I really OWNED. It came natuarally, and I succeded without great effort. It was an unfortnate event that the gym where I had my practice and meets closed down due to funding issues. Because we (my mother and I) were usind public transportation, there wasn't another gym at a convienient distance from our home and/or my mom's work. It was heart breaking for me, because I LOVED it!! It was a way to shine and a much needed outlet from my studies (which my mother was VERY strict about).

    What does your son enjoy doing?