Friday, July 24, 2009

The power of drinking water!

My new pain med strategy worked pretty well, and last night I had a great sleep from 10pm until about 3.45am, when my pain broke through into my dream. 'Ouch, my jaw is really sore,' I said to my friend's brother (who was magically unaged since I last saw him 15 years ago), surprised and puzzled as to why that might be. Then I woke up and reality hit. I took just one more tramadol. Then straight back to sleep until nearly 7am. I must say that the feeling of tramadol descending upon me and knocking me into a deep deep sleep is a hazy, lazy, seductive feeling.

This morning I read on the orthognathic surgery support website that someone's surgeon told her that drinking plenty of water is important for reducing swelling. It seems it gets the body out of 'hold on to fluid' mode.

So I finally admitted it to myself: I have been drinking hardly anything! I just didn't feel like it and because all my meals are liquid I had been telling myself that was enough (even though I knew my bladder wasn't filling often enough). Usually I drink lots of water.

I had a terrible headache from this morning and for most of the day. But I started drinking frequently. By the end of this afternoon I was feeling WAY better. I really think this will help me a lot. I feel my best tonight since the surgery. I even danced to some music! (In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps.....I love that African beat.) So my spirit is strong.

So: to water!

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  1. Andrea,

    I'm glad to see you in such great spirits!

    P.S...I also love that song, especially the part where they go, "weeeeeweeeeweeewhim-o-whim-away".... or whatever they say! LOL! In my primary school years, one of my teachers would play this for us druing naptime. It was fabulous!